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Tania's Around The Travel Log: Week 1, Kailua-kona, Hawaii

Travel Tania COMMENTS 12 Oct, 2016

Day 1 of the world adventure was a success! After only 3 hrs of sleep and a lot of travelling I arrived in Kona, Hawaii. Not what I expected from the airplane view... The airport is buit on a black volcanic rock, stretching as far as I could see and into the sea! I was a little disapointed not to get lei'd getting off the plane (isn't that a thing here??) Picked up my rental car and headed downtown for some suprisingly good Mexican food and then off to the docks. The first dive was not very impressive in my opinion, during the day it looks like a lot of washed out, bleached, coral with very little life aside from small fish and sea urchins... but mother nature never really lets me down, we did spot a Hawaiian Monk Seal, which is one of the rarest mammals on earth, only 2 live on this island!!! Then the night dive with manta rays which was spectacular, everything I wanted and more. We had 4 individual mantas, identified by their underside markings. They spent the better part of my 75 minute dive doing fly-bys, disappearing for minutes at a time, only to suprise you as the swoop over your head. They are amazingly graceful and agile creatures. Enjoy the video of this adventure, because I am off for another!

link to video (for some reason it is not working above...)


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