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Tania's Around The Travel Log: Week 2, The Big Island, Hawaii

Travel Tania COMMENTS 24 Oct, 2016

So I am now almost 2 weeks into my adventure and sorry for not posting more, but I've been BUSY!!! The Big Island is absolutely gorgeous! Very diversified terrain and weather. The Kona side is hot and sticky and filled with coffee farms, macademia nut farms, abalone farms, chocolate farms, and the worlds first and only octopus farm. I have visited them all! The snorkelling is killer and good way to cool off every day. After serveral (count them, six!) unsuccessful attempts to find the elusive Hawaiian spinner dolphins I was finally graced with their presence. It was magnificent and well worth the persistance and long swim from shore. The Hilo side of the island is WET! It rains off and on everyday, but has sunshine in between. Everything is lush and green and the waterfalls are always running! The South side of the island has been my favorite so far, it has a black sand beach where the turtles rest, a green sand beach, and cliff jumping at south point! (the southern most point in the United States!!!) The active volcano here was incredible. The lava is currently flowing into the ocean. They say it is the best and most active it's been in twenty years! To get to the flowing lava it is a grueling 8 mile trek with no respite or shade. You can either hike it or rent a bike (I chose to rent a bike) It turns out that you don't ever "forget" how to ride a bike, as it has been about 20 years since I have ridden one. The path out there is a gravel service rode with lots of ups and downs and even with the bike it was a challenging evening, but well worth the views! Tomorrow I will be off to another island (Oahu) but it has a lot to live up to, the Big Island has definitely set the bar high!

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