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Tania's Around The World Travel Log- Fiji

Travel Tania COMMENTS 17 Nov, 2016

I've been in my first international destination for just over a week now and it is FIJI! I flew into Nadi as most do. Although it has a large international airport, the town of Nadi is quite small. The islands just off of there have something for everyone and with hundreds of islands and day as well as overnight trips it was quite a decision. I spent a day on Barefoot Kuata in the Yasawas and snorkeled with juvenile white tip reef sharks. This was AMAZING! We had about a half a dozen circling the boat and under our feet. The curious ones even came up to take a look at us, close enough to touch (but I'd like to keep my fingers so I didn't!) After Nadi I hopped a puddle jumper flight to Taveuni, the garden island. It has definitely earned that nickname, the island is a lush green forest with few roads and even fewer towns. Which is just fine by me since I didn't come here to spend my time on land! Taveuni also boasts the best soft coral in the world and some of the highest diversity of marine animals. After 5 days of diving her I can say that I concur. There are fairly strong currents on most dives, making photography quite tricky, but those currents pulling in the nutrients are the reason this area is so rich with life. It is like diving in an aquarium, jam packed with more fish than I've ever seen anywhere else. The rainbow reef is a kaleidoscope of colors with dive sites like "The Purple Wall" and "Rainbow Swirl" Along with the colorful coral and multitude of fish I have also spotted dozens of different nudibranch species, ribbon eels, white tip reef sharks, gray reef sharks, and my very first banded sea krait!!! Since today was my last day diving in Taveuni and I wasn't quite ready to be out of the water yet, after diving I snorkeled out in front of the dive shop and had a crazy show of giant trevally hunting schools of silver fish and found a seahorse! (one of the more elusive creatures of the sea) All in all it has been a fantastic week in Fiji, but I'm not done here, next week I am going to Pacific Harbor on the main island, or more specifically "Beqa lagoon" for what is said to be the "World's best shark dive" So stay tuned....

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