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Our Very Own Trip Photographer Brittania Junes Does It Again

Diving Curtis COMMENTS 31 Aug, 2017

Congratulations to our own SWS trip photographer and PADI instructor Brittania Junes. Brittainia took 3rd place at the 2017 Backscatter Shootout in Monterey CA. Brittania took 3rd with her Jellyfish shot and 3rd with her Wolf eel video. Brittania used an Olympus TG-5 and housing and the Light & Motion GoBe 700 spot underwater light. The camera and housing retails for $750.00 and the light retails for $149.95. While using her one hand to take the shot and video her held the light in the other. Brittania beat out photographers who had 10 times the investment in camera equipment. 

If you want to learn how to take shots like Brittania sign up for one our Digital Underwater Photographer courses. Brittania will teach you her tricks!

You can see the video here: Click away

Octopus Posing for Brittania Junes

Brittania and her Monkey Face eel.

 Macro shot

Octopus eye!

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