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Swim Programs

Sacramento Water Sports Swim School is dedicated to teaching children (and adults!) to swim in a safe, fun, and loving environment. We encourage parents to stay and observe your child’s progress during class.

Parent/Child, Small Groups, Private and Semi-Private formats are all offered, ensuring each student receives the level of attention they desire.

Our instructors are all certified through the Starfish Aquatics Institute, a PADI approved, trademarked program, before they can teach you and or your child/ren to swim and love the water. Compassion and empathy for fear, cultural sensitivity, and a wide verity of skills and games are something all of our instructors are trained in, as well as safety. This curriculum is very different from the traditional methods used to teach children and has produced extraordinary results with thousands of students. Take a moment to view our video on this website, or read a few of the participant reviews, and see for yourself what is possible.

All our child programs are offered in six, 40 minute class sessions, with class formats that include a once a week, or twice a week option. Adult programs are 60 minutes long.

Whether you are registering a student who has never taken a lesson so just learning to blow bubbles, or looking to polish strokes and increase endurance, perfect competitive strokes, or get ready for scuba, we have a program for you.

If your interested contact our Padi Swim/SUP Instructor Jessica at (916) 572-5377